URL Categorization

URL Categorization

URL Categorization is a service that allows you do get the classification of a Domain or URL, we wrote extensively on the difference between Domain Classification and URL Classification.

How to communicate with a URL Categorization service

There are two main methods, one is to use URL Categorization API, as seen in the next picture:

URL Categorization demonstrating the classification of: CNN, Facebook, Amazon


The end point which can be: DLP, Antivirus, DLP, Parental Control, AD exchanges communicate directly with the cloud based API, to get the classification. This allows to get classification of various web entities:

  • Domains
  • Individual URLs
  • Keywords
  • Search phrases

The second method is to use a offline categorization database, the main advantage is: privacy, speed and SLA, the disadvantage is the ability to provide only Domain based answers.

Our URL Categorization offering

We provide Domain and URL based categorization to all markets, we are able to accommodate most business models, and have a very competitive pricing.

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