Classification Services For End Points Protection

Classification Services For End Points Protection



HTTPS Interface

A secure interface ensuring the request and reply are encrypted, safeguarding against data interception, no matter if you’re working in the office or using a public Wi-Fi connection.


160 Categories

This resource allows for differentiation between work related and approved content, and time wasters like online shopper and video streaming services.


Custom Categories

Do you need a customized category? We can help. Let’s work together to add categories that are currently not supported.


New Sites Are Classified Automatically

All new sites and sub sites, like new blogs on Wix or WordPress, are classified on the fly. There’s no need to wait 48 hours for a manual review.


48-Hour Miscat Response Time

Found an error with our classification? Simply let us know, and we will fix it within 48 hours. If it’s urgent, and during working hours, you can contact us for quicker repair.


99.95% Uptime

Although we promise this SLA, over the last four years it’s been 100%. Our network is built in such a way that it can compensate for server failure and still provide high-quality service.


Classify Per Page Or Domain

Choose between getting the classification of the domain or the classification of the subpages; this is good for global sites like news that may contain mixed content.


Free User Trials

When working on a cost per user basis, you can provide 14-day-trial periods to your end users absolutely free of charge, and you will not be billed.

Business users’ needs are different than regular end users. If it's privacy, speed, and ROI you want when deploying your product, you need a strong URL Classification that allows you to be in full control. You are able to control the speed, location, and which data gets sent where, with our URL Classification. With fast integration and flexible business models, you will find our service a great fit for your product.