Classification Services For Advertisers

Classification Services For Advertisers



Ability To Classify Individual Web Pages

This is good for RTB on global sites like a news site, allowing you to understand user intent more clearly, and bid accordingly.


IAB1 and IAB2

for quicker integration. No need for reinventing the wheel here. Work with classifications with which you are already familiar with and know how to work with.


Number Of Categories Specially Tailored For Brand Protection

protection not only against adult categories, but for many other categories you don't want your brand associated with (crime, hate, and natural disasters).


Ability To Classify Only Keywords To Integrate Into Existing Solutions

Do you already have a built in/ in-house list of keywords and phrases and a preferred user method? Great, then you can simply use your own keyword/phrase classifier to improve your solution.


Custom Categories

Do you need a customized category? We can help. Let’s work together to add categories that are currently not supported.


99.95% uptime

Although we promise this SLA, over the last four years it’s been 100%. Our network is built in such a way that it can compensate for server failure and still provide high-quality service.

You know that positive brand reputation doesn’t come easily. And you also know that it doesn’t take much to tarnish that hard-earned reputation.

Achieve brand safety and contextual targeting with easy integration and flexible business models. Use IAB1 or 2 categorization to know what your end user is looking for and provide the best match for them., More importantly, it won't provide a match when the page contains content that you shouldn't advertise on.