We Classify The Web Layer By Layer

  • Over 270,000,000 Domains in Our URL Database
  • 10,000 + New Domains Added Each Day
  • 30 Billion URLs classified for programmatic RTB bidding
  • Automatic new domains website classification, No More Waiting for Manual Review
  • URL Categorization with 200 categories!
URL Classification services
Classifying the content of the page inside CNN
Classifying the content of the page inside CNN

URL Categorization for the following industries

URL Classification for Parental Control

Parental Control

URL Classification for Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

URL Classification for Router Application

Router Application

URL Classification for End Point Protection

End Point Protection

URL Classification for Adtech



URL Category check

URL Classification on a computer screen

Easy to use URL Categorization

We design products to fit your business whether you’re a small startup, ISP or Fortune 500 company. Our URL Classification Services were built using a combination of our extensive interactions with our clients and using proprietary URL Classifier. Our URL Categorization services technology can be used for various purposes that require website categorization check, like: URL Filtering, Parental Controls, End users Segmentation, Brand Safety, Programmatic RTB, and Web Filtering.