Classification Services For Internet Service Providers

Classification Services For Internet Service Providers



Host The Servers Locally

On your hardware/location, putting you in full control of privacy, uptime, and location.


Use The Raw Data; Manage The Data On Your Own Systems

Use the raw data – Host it on your own platform, use your own analytics, this configuration allows full flexibility.


Receive Regular Updates For The Data

Monthly updates to the database are provided whether you’re using raw data or self hosting the servers.


160 Categories

This resource allows for differentiation between work related and approved content, and time wasters like online shopper and video streaming services.

ISPs’ requirements are different from other industries that use classification services. That's why we have options tailored for ISPs, like: hosting our servers, hosting the raw data, ability not to share any data with us and more… which allows the ISP to focus on its core business.