Classification Services For Routers/Gateways

Classification Services For Routers/Gateways



No Storage Needed

We don't use local cache, nor do we require you to use one, or a local DB. Use your own code to query our servers, keeping the storage for other important features.


Fast Server Response Time

Our servers are strategically located to achieve maximum coverage and fast response time.


Easy To Develop And Integrate

Use HTTP/S query to get the classification. No need for 3rd party SDKs, frameworks or components. Use any development language to query our servers.


Flexible Business Model

We provide several industry standard models. We have also made additional deals that utilize other “nonstandard” models. Need a special business model just for you? Let us know.


HTTPS Interface

A secure interface ensuring the request and reply are encrypted, safeguarding against data interception, no matter if you’re working in the office or using a public Wi-Fi connection.


48-Hour Miscat Response Time

Found an error with our classification? Simply let us know, and we will fix it within 48 hours. If it’s urgent, and during working hours, you can contact us for quicker repair.


99.95% Uptime

Although we promise this SLA, over the last four years it’s been 100%. Our network is built in such a way that it can compensate for server failure and still provide high-quality service.


160 Categories

This resource allows for differentiation between work related and approved content, and time wasters like online shopper and video streaming services.

There's a big difference when developing software on a router/gateway: you need to be able to control every bit and byte, to save space and CPU. That's why working with our URL Classification is a perfect match for your business. When working with our service, there's no footprint, the addition to the code is minimal, and you can interface with our servers using any development language.