Website classification

Website classification

What is website classification?

Website classification is a process that takes a website, and translate it into one or two categories which best describes the website. For example CNN is news, Facebook is social networks.

Each industry has a different usage for website classification:

  • Parental control – Blocking age inappropriate websites and/or alerting the parent.
  • DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) – Blocking sites that allow for data exfiltration, like webmail or file hosting.
  • ISPs – Blocking sites where there’s a legal requirement, or use it internally for reporting and optimizations.
  • Antivirus – Blocking sites that pose a security risk.
  • Adtech – Can be used for both Brand safety and/or focused RTB bidding.

The picture below depicts the end points of the industries mentioned communicating with the cloud based website classification API:

Website classification for: Antivirus, DLP, Parental control, Ad exchange, ISPs communicating with cloud based URL Categorization API

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