URL Categorization Database

URL Categorization Database

What is URL Categorization Database?

URL Categorization Database is a database that is made of domains, and optionally URLs, it’s a static database that is used deployed on servers.

The URL Categorization Database may come in various formats:

  • Text files
  • A local database like SQLite
  • A local database like MySQL
  • Proprietary format

Do you offer URL Categorization Database?

Yes, we do, we have two databases:

  • Domain Categorization Database – It contains 65 million domains and is about 2 Gigabyte in size.
  • URL Categorization Database – It contains 7 Billion URLs, and is 2 Terabyte in size.

Reasons for using URL Categorization database

Most clients license the domain database, and the reason to use it instead of a live API is:

  • Privacy – No data goes out of the network perimeter.
  • SLA – Client is in 100% control of availability.
  • Cost – Over a certain number of end-users, using the static database is more cost-effective than the live API.

Who uses the Domain Categorization Database?

The Domain Classification Database is used mostly by companies who have strict privacy requirements and have the budget to pay for such solutions.

Another use case is continuity, having the data on-site means that if the seller company suddenly goes out of business, the buyer is not stuck and can cater to its clients.

Which verticals is the URL Categorization Database for?

The URL Classification Database (Classification is a synonym to Categorization) is used mostly for the Adtech industry: RTB, Brand safety and is mostly accessed via the API, because of the technical nature of managing a database at this size, we use proprietary software to store the data.

Although it’s less suitable for URL Filtering, some companies are under a strict privacy requirements and will need to use an offline categorization database.

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