URL Categorization Database

URL Categorization Database

URL Categorization Database is a database that is made of domains, and/or URLs, it’s a static database that is used mostly on servers, because of its size, we have two databases:

  • Domain database – It contains 65 million domains, and is about 2 Gigabyte in size.
  • URL Database – It contains 7 Billion URLs, and is 2 Terabyte in size.

Most clients license the domain database, and the reason to use it instead of a live API is:

  • Privacy – No data goes out of the network perimeter.
  • SLA – Client is in 100% control of availability.
  • Cost – Over a certain number of end users, using the static database is more cost effective then the live API.

The URL Database is used mostly for the Adtech industry: RTB, Brand safety and is mostly accessed via the API, because of the technical nature of managing a database at this size, we use a proprietary software to store the data.