Free URL categorization database

Free URL categorization database

From time to time, we get an email asking why we don’t provide a URL categorization database for free, either in full or as a subset of our database, and it’s something we thought about for a while. In the end we decided to go with paid options only.

We reviewed some of the free URL databases out there and overall, for a free product, they are nice. If someone wants to develop a proof of concept that requires classification capabilities, using an open source URL categorization database can save money until their product is ready.

There’s a saying, “you get what you pay for,” and some people who use Free URL categorization database are happy with it, but there are certain reasons why you should consider a professional paid URL categorization database:

  • Provides full coverage of top sites
  • Gives access to 20-40 times more data
  • Is actively maintained
  • Supports more categories
  • Comes with extra features like: URL Classification, Keyword classification
  • Comes with an API on top of the database

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